By David T. Hsu, Exploration & Future Sensing, Omidyar Network

The PORTALS report, in collaboration with Guild of Future Architects, flows from a yearlong process of imagining futures beyond the pandemic. Download the full report here.

By Beth Kanter, Chief Advocacy & Strategic Communications Officer

For many women, March symbolizes more than just a month of observance. It’s a time where women across all industries and geographies celebrate the achievements of their peers and colleagues today and take a critical look at the opportunities they’re creating for young women just entering the workforce. It’s also a chance for us to celebrate the historic achievements of the pioneering women that came before us. …

President Biden’s ability to rebuild alliances, restore America’s standing in the world and unite the nation hinges on his ability to reign in tech giants here at home

By Gus Rossi, Principal, Omidyar Network

President Biden’s pledge to restore diplomacy as the United States’ primary instrument of foreign policy is an important and necessary shift away from his predecessor’s destructive America First approach that shunned multilateralism and jeopardized relationships with important allies.

But diplomacy alone is not a cure-all for America’s diminished standing abroad. To regain the trust of our allies and the American people, the Biden administration must wrest…

By Beth Kanter, Chief Advocacy & Strategic Communications Officer

The past year has seen working Americans struggle amidst a global pandemic and economic crisis, further exacerbating the deep, structural inequities in our society. Over and over again, the rules, ideas, and power that lie at the heart of our economy and democracy have rewarded the few at the expense of the many. In order to build a truly equitable and inclusive society, these trends must be quickly reversed. President Biden signing the American Rescue Plan into law today moves us one step closer to that vision.

Because of critical aid…

By Audrey Stienon, Analyst, Reimagining Capitalism

This post expands on the first key pillar for building a new economic paradigm as outlined in Our Call to Reimagine Capitalism. Read the first post in this series, “An Introduction to Ideas, Rules, and Power and How They Shape Our Democracy and Economy” here.

Five decades ago, our society experienced a seismic shift. Underneath the layers of headlines about the crises of the day — lingering economic stagnation, growing calls for civil rights and racial justice, and the departure of a disgraced president — the values that we used to guide our lives…

By Nicole Allred, Strategic Communications, Omidyar Network

Richard Wallace- Founder and Director of Equity and Transformation

For years, politicians have talked about the need to create economic opportunities that support and expand the middle class in America. On one extreme, the political dynamics and systems of power place the greatest attention on the well-heeled and the well off. However, at the other extreme are those everyday people struggling simply to survive day-to-day within the same system. In this economic system, individuals and families are either thriving or just surviving.

Richard Wallace, founder of Equity and Transformation [EAT] in Chicago, is an advocate for those working in the Black informal…

By Beth Kanter, Strategic Communications and Jessica Kiessel, Learning & Impact, Omidyar Network

2020: The Year of Zoom (and the fatigue is real)

We began last year eager to put our freshly minted brand, approach, and teams into action to build more inclusive and equitable societies. AND THEN, 2020 HAPPENED. In the midst of the twin public health and economic crises, we witnessed a racial justice reckoning and watched as our US democracy came under attack. We found ourselves — like so many others — balancing multiple urgent priorities.

We focused on supporting staff and grantees through these difficult times, pivoting our work where necessary to meet the moment…

By Jozette Allah-Mensah and Nicole Allred, Strategic Communications, Omidyar Network

Illustration by Superside.

“When day comes, we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never-ending shade? And yet the dawn is ours before we knew it. Somehow we do it.”

These are the words of 22-year-old Amanda Gorman — the first National Youth Poet Laureate in American history. The opening lines from her poem, “The Hill We Climb,” were first heard at President Biden’s inauguration and inspired millions around the world. Amanda Gorman was one of several youth who participated in inaugural events that day. …

By Sarah Drinkwater, Director & Aniyia Williams, Principal, Omidyar Network

Back in 2018, we started funding the rise of the responsible tech worker. This is our effort to help tech workers and founders step into their power, and build a world in which technology makes good on its promise of improving everyone’s lives for the better: fueling an ecosystem that is equitable, ethical, and inclusive in addition to innovative. 2020 marked a monumental shift for the movement as the techlash came of age. At Omidyar Network, we were proud to provide a roadmap for the US Department of Justice, Federal…

By Audrey Stienon, Analyst, Reimagining Capitalism

Photo by Eric BARADAT / AFP

Over the coming weeks, Omidyar Network will expand on our theory of change around ideas, rules, and power and connect it to the five pillars outlined in our recently released Point of View on Reimagining Capitalism, and the work being done by our grantees. This is the first contribution to that series.

Democracy & Capitalism This week, Joseph R. Biden was inaugurated as America’s 46th president, standing on the West Front of the US Capitol that was attacked earlier this month. With that picture still vivid in the minds of many, President Biden swore…

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