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  • Aniyia L. Williams

    Aniyia L. Williams

    founder of black & brown founders and tinsel. co-founder of zebras unite. inventor. musician. hair magician. techie. mommie. that's me.

  • Joelle Gamble

    Joelle Gamble

    National Director of @VivaRoosevelt. Big sister. Wonk Warrior. Views are my own.

  • Sarah Drinkwater

    Sarah Drinkwater

    Director @OmidyarNetwork's Beneficial Tech. Ex-head Google's @campuslondon. Into communities, London, looks and books.

  • Eliza Erikson

    Eliza Erikson

    Investment Partner at Omidyar Network, global edtech lead

  • Luminate


    Luminate is a global philanthropic organisation focused on empowering people and institutions to work together to build just and fair societies.

  • Rob Wijnberg

    Rob Wijnberg

    Philosopher turned entrepreneur on a mission to redefine the news. Founder of The Correspondent, a journalism platform for #unbreakingnews.

  • Jon Schlossberg

    Jon Schlossberg

    Bacon, hummus, brevity

  • Doteveryone


    Fighting for a fairer internet.

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